Senior Pastors, Ps. Varun & Ps. Da Laohaprasit

The Laohaprasit family – We would like to welcome you to the loving family of God. We know that God has a plan for each one of us to help fulfill His Great Commission. We would like to be a part of helping you to attain the plan and blessings

Ps. Varun Laohaprasit (known as Ps. Lao) graduated number one in his class from King Chulalongkorn Royal University’s medical school in Bangkok, Thailand. After practicing as a neurosurgeon and pastoring at a church in the Eastern part of Thailand for three years, Ps. Lao came to the United States in 1985 to study at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine where he became Chief Resident. At the same time, he felt called and compelled by God to start a church in Seattle. In the midst of beginning his medical practice in a new and foreign land, Ps. Lao stepped out in faith to start the church in the basement of his North Seattle home with only a few new converts.

God blessed Ps. Lao abundantly as his medical practice flourished from the start. In the church, however, Ps. Lao and Ps. Da grew in humility and faith as he built the church from the ground up. There were tough times during the first several years filled with excitement, discouragement, growth, and rejection as Ps. Lao taught, trained and discipled members after long work hours. Often, he questioned whether sacrificing time with his family was worth the effort.

It was during that time that God introduced him to the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Ps. Lao and Ps. Da attended revival meetings in Tampa and although it was a different style of worship than he was used to, he was touched by the tangible presence of God. There, he saw people joyful and excited with a fresh anointing upon them! People were getting healed, set free from their iniquities and empowered to serve the Lord in total joy. Ps. Lao knew that this was where God was guiding him to lead the church and that he couldn’t pastor the church using his strength alone.

Today, we see the fruit of Ps. Lao’s work and his decision to follow God as he leads a growing and diverse, Spirit-filled church with over 300 members. Many revival churches have been planted in Thailand, other cities in the United States, and in Europe. Many pastors and ministers have been trained to build churches that are full of the Word, the Fire of God, and love.

In his free time, Ps. Lao enjoys spending time with his family. He is married to Da Laohaprasit who is a faithful and dedicated sister in the church. Ps. Da is the leader of the housewives care group, Evangelism ministry, Connect ministry, and the special events ministry. She is also the spiritual mentor of more than 20 sisters in the church. Together, Ps. Lao and Ps. Da have three children—Tanida, Joy and Paul—and two twin grandchildren. They travel to perform apostolic ministry on a regular basis. Their teachings are popular online in many mediums, and have led many people to Christ and into the freedom from spiritual bondage. Many people have witnessed that they have become more mature and their lives have been changed by Ps. Lao and Ps. Da’s ministry.