Pastor Tyson & Peishih Supasatit

Pastors Tyson and Peishih Supasatit are lay pastors at New Hope International Church, focusing on discipleship and church education. They live in Renton with their three children. 

Tyson believes his most important role in the church is making disciples and devotes much of his time teaching and training students and young adults. Tyson joined New Hope International Church when just 11 years old, after Ps. Lao led his father to Christ. He works full-time as a product marketing manager at a local technology company.

Peishih was born in Malaysia but studied at Winona State University in Minnesota. After graduation, Peishih moved to Washington, D.C., to help plant a church. She and Tyson met and married each other there, and relocated to Seattle in 2006. Peishih enjoys mentoring other young women and reading books about food. One day, Tyson and Peishih would like to be part of a church-planting team overseas.