Pastor Kenny and Malee Tsai

Pastors Kenny and Malee Tsai oversee the worship ministry at New Hope International Church. Since their baptisms in 1989, Pastor Kenny and Malee have hosted caregroups, taught young believers, and even led the youth ministry.

Pastor Kenny is an anointed worship leader and a kind shepherd to many people in the church, modeling the humility and servanthood of Jesus. Although he did not have a formal music education, Pastor Kenny learned how to play guitar and piano on his own when the church needed someone to build up a worship team. He also works full-time as a network administrator for a large law firm in Seattle and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington.

Pastor Malee immigrated to the United States in 1988 after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from a university in Thailand. She is described as “an amazing cook”—many hundreds of people have enjoyed themselves at her kitchen table over the years. Pastors Kenny and Malee have a teenage son and daughter.