Pastor Brenda Supasatit

Pastor Brenda Supasatit was one of the church’s first members, joining in 1987 after Ps. Lao brought her husband, Phirat, to know Jesus Christ. Raised in rural Missouri, Pastor Brenda was a registered nurse for more than 10 years and raised four children while building a family business together with Phirat. They recently celebrated 40 years of marriage.

Ps. Brenda oversees the Children’s Ministry at New Hope International Church, which includes the Sunday School, as well as the annual Very Exciting Bible School (VeBS), Autumn Fest, and family church camp.

She also assists Phirat in administration of the Evangelism Team at New Hope. Together they have ministered to many churches here in the U.S., as well as teaching Children’s Ministry and Evangelism Ministry workshops to churches in Thailand.

Ps. Brenda and Phirat’s family now includes a growing number of grandchildren, with whom she has the privilege to hang out with from time to time. All their children and grandchildren attend New Hope International Church. One thing she realizes, after honoring God with her life thus far, is that He has far exceeded all her dreams and expectations! God is Good!