Addressing Your Spiritual Decision

This is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life.  As a new believer in Christ, there may be questions or concerns about your beliefs.    So for the first year after you have accepted Jesus Christ, we have created a spiritual mentoring or “spiritual helper” program to help guide you and train you as you walk with Christ.


The three great benefits for having a spiritual helper or mentor are:

  • Greater intimacy-with God and people within the church
  • Accountability-to be accounted for our actions good or bad
  • Friendship- to build a relationship among your peers, who will encourage and challenge you to walk with God

“There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity.” Rambler


Why Discipleship?

The Church excels at reaching the lost.  Evangelistic, crusades, revivals, church-wide altar calls and personal evangelism which is half way.  The Great Commission goes beyond evangelism.  It states, make disciples—teach and be taught of the Word.  In making disciples we can keep the harvest and build committed Christ followers.

Just as a newborn has needs, the new believer has needs that have to be addressed quickly and expertly. With basic fundamental teachings, a discipler is equipped to disciple a new believer in a one-on-one relationship, covering various topics such as:  assurance, priorities, overcoming temptation and sin, and the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, fellowship and evangelism/discipleship.

Easy Steps

  1. Fill out this form and the church or church leader will contact you.
  2. Look for a small group which you can attend in your local area.

How to sign up

If you are interested in being mentored!  If you are not sure and would like more information you may contact Pastor Arash Dehghan at 425-449-4165 or

Please fill out the information below: