Facility Reservation Form

Our church goal is to work with all ministries.  We appreciate and support all of  your hard work in building God’s Kingdom.  We want to ensure our church building is being used effectively so everyone can be blessed, therefor rooms can ONLY be reserved for church function events. The requirements below is to best serve the church members.


Requirements to reserve room(s)

1.  Must be Care Group Leaders, Ministry Leaders, Directors, Pastors, Elders, or Deacon.

2.  Must have a least 5 people attending the meeting.

3. Must be a church function event.

4.  Must have two people who will be responsible to be the contact and liable for any misconduct/damages caused.

5.  Must use the building for church growth purposes.


Note: This form needs to be filled out and sent in 10 days prior to your desire date.

Your request will be reviewed and an email will be sent out once it is reserved.  To ensure that a room is reserved for you, you must submit a completed Facility Reservation Form .

The form below is temprary out of order and we won’t be able to get your forms at this time. Please contact us by sending an email to  infonewhic@gmail.com


Ex: fireside room, Luke, Matthew, Mark, Sanctuary
EX: We will be meeting once a month for 4 months.