New Hope Youth

Our heart cry is to reach the hearts of young people for Christ.  We want to let them know that Christ loves them is unconditional and He has a plan for them.   In following God’s plans and by the leading of the Holy Spirit we have purposely going to do the following:


Our mission statement:

We are a chosen generation for Christ, who love God and are willing to stand firm on His Word.  We love people of all races, ethnic and social groups.  We are created uniquely and our plan and purpose is to build biblical disciples, who are Holy Spirit filled, one life at a time.


Our vision:

To love God with all of our hearts, stand firm on his Word, obedient to the Holy Spirit, strive to live by God’s standards, share and spread good to news to our generation.

How will we accomplish this task?

  • To make a difference individually, by obeying God’s word and living out our faith.
  • To influence others by being a vessel for God’s love and power.
  • To speak and live an abundant life according to God’s promises.
  • To be a leader in our society starting in our home and community.
  • To take part in all that God has put before us.


Our Function:

  • Work closely with youth members and parents
  • Train and teach God’s principles and Words
  • Organize and arrange internal and external outreaches
  • Community service for local and global mission



  1. Build biblical and Holy Spirit filled youth members
  2. Emphasize the personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. Make disciples.

i.      One to two youth (mature) member or leader teaching one youth.

ii.      Making sure that they are Holy Spirit filled and have an encounter with God.

Renewal their relationship with Christ by various teachings and encouragement.



Work with youth members in providing ways for growth.

i.    Retreat– a getaway and focus on building team work/ life skills.
ii.    Care group – youth can lead to lead during care group by leading: prayer, sharing, ice breaker, offering, and praise and worship.
iii.   TBC Service< – youth services.  This will be once a quarter.  “TBC” stands for Transformed by Christ service.  This is to provide and train youth members to actively serve God in a service setting.   We are training:  Worship leaders and band members, ushers, catchers, cloth, greeters, soundboard, power point, and every that has to do with running a Sunday Service.



Locally throughout the year – We plan to reach the local community by volunteering at food banks, join with our church evangelism team on outings, and have Matthew parties each month.

Nationally once a year – We plan to visit various churches in Northern America such as in Los Angles/San Diego and Phoenix.

Globally plan – We plan to visit Thailand, Japan, or Africa as God leads us.   These places are great places because we have churches there already.

Goals for care group

  1. Build an atmosphere that welcome all teens.
  2. Each one will have a sense and know they belong and a part of church family.
  3. Have biblical teachings and one-on-one discipleship.
  4. Have a strong desire to pray for God to show up at each meeting as well as wherever they go (school, home, work place, etc…)

For youth ministry:

  1. Work and see each other as vital part of God’s Kingdom.
  2. Honor and respect each other’s gifts and talents.
  3. Serve each other as Christ serves the church.
  4. Grow more in faith and in God’s knowledge.
  5. Have youth services throughout the year.


Finds us on Facebook

Friday Nights at 7:00 pm Sanctuary
Phone: 206-275-1042
All youth are encouraged to attend.