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What are Care Groups?

A number of mid-week and weekend Care Groups are located throughout the local communities. These groups are run by Care group leaders. There is simple worship and then a simple teaching. This is a great opportunity to get to know others in a positive Christian fellowship, make friends, and it’s also a good place to bring new believers that have not attended church yet. It’s also a great time to hear the Word of God mid-week, and build up your faith.

The purpose of Care Groups are: to build fellowship and community between fellow believers, to equip people in the Word as well as to pray and to reach out to new or pre-believers.

A snack often precedes in many weekly Care Groups, allowing a time for fellowship and relaxation. The meeting begins around 7:00 PM. Care Groups usually consists of 5-10 people who meet weekly, but sometimes they are larger.

There are care-groups all over Puget Sound, please browse the list below for active locations, times, and contact information. Please don’t hesitate to contact the care group leader if you have any questions at all!

 Care Group Schedule

12:15 PM

Group Name/Location: All Nations (church)
Care Group Leader: Saan & Stacie Saeteurn
Demographic: All people



Group Name/Location: Japanese / Church
Care Group Leader: Manami R.
Demographic: All people


3:00 PM

Group Name/Location: Spanish
Care Group Leader: Ps. Victor/Lorena
Demographic: All people

(206) 434-5820


12:00 PM

(On the 3rd week of each month)

Group Name/Location: Indonesian /Church

Care Group Leader: Gregory Yogiaman
Demographic: All people


6:00 PM

Group Name/Location: Eastside (Bellevue)
Care Group Leader: Tanida Aye & Phil Fischer
Demographic: All people




6:30 PM

Group Name/Location: Sandpoint (Seattle) – Twice/month
Care Group Leader: Dwayne & Jocelyn Anderson
Demographic: All people



10:00 AM

Group Name/Location: Thai Speaking in Brier
Care Group Leader: Sakorn Marley
Demographic: Women & Children

(425) 673 0234


10:00 AM

Group Name/Location: Ladies in Bellevue / Church
Care Group Leader: Ps.Da Laohaprasit
Demographic: Women



7:30 PM

Group Name/Location: Jesus Lives Ministry / Church
Care Group Leader: Phil Fischer
Demographic: All people





7:30 PM

Group Name/Location: Tree of Life / Renton
Care Group Leader: Tammy Pattamakom
Demographic: Adults, married



7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: New Hope Youth / Church
Care Group Leader: Nisa Supasatit-Lash
Demographic: Youth 7-12th graders



7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: Mountlake Terrace
Care Group Leader: Peng Chen
Demographic: Family group



7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: Chinese group / Church
Care Group Leader: Ps.Tyson Supasatit
Demographic: Family & adults



7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: Eastside Care Group / Church
Care Group Leader: Connie Rigor
Demographic: Family & adults



7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: House of Glory / Church
Care Group Leader: Pastor Arash
Demographic: All people



7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: Spanish / Church
Care Group Leader: Ps.Victor/Lorena
Demographic: All people

(206) 434 5820


7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: Ohana SU
Care Group Leader: Ps.Jonathan Shea
Demographic: Students & young adults



7:00 PM

Group Name/Location: U of W
Care Group Leader: Peter Hu
Demographic: Students & young adults



7:30 PM

Group Name/Location: Ohana Young Professional (Shoreline)
Care Group Leader: Alice Lin
Demographic: Students & young adults


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